Which water cooler should I choose?

There are two (2) types of water coolers: table top (to be placed on a table or counter top) and free standing (to be placed on the floor). These bottle water coolers will need a 3 or 5 gallon water bottle placed on top to dispense water. Other things to consider are the features such as desired water temperature and/or child lock on the hot water lever. Some units have only two (2) temperatures (hot and cold) and others also have room temperature. The child lock is not available on all units (please refer to the product specification of each model).

What is a Water Purifier Dispenser?

A water purifier dispenser is a devise very similar to a bottle type water dispenser, but instead of using a water bottle the units is hooked to a direct water supply and uses power filtration to purify the water. Just like a bottle type dispenser, the units provides hot, cold and/or room water temperature.

How does it heat the water?

The water is heated using an electric heater located inside the stainless steel tank. In the case of the purifiers is with an innovative system called Instant Heating that heats the water straight from the water supply without a tank

How does it make cold water?

All the units have a cooling compressor using eco-friendly refrigerant R134a. However the purifiers cool the water by a system called Electric Cooling that cools the cold water tank by electric resistance.

Will it ever run out of hot water?

Yes. Most hot water dispensers provide just a few cups of hot water at a time, but they recover quickly. The hot water indicator light will turn off as the water reaches the proper temperature.

However on the purifiers you will never run out of hot water

Can the water burn me?

Yes. The hot water dispensed is extremely hot (approx. 90 C / 194 F) and burns on contact.


Water is not cold or hot

Make sure the hot and cold water switches on the back of the unit are turned On. Otherwise contact customer service, you may need a replacement.

Water Dispenser is noisy?

Water Dispenser needs to be on a leveled surface and 6" away from the wall. Otherwise contact customer service, you may need a replacement.

Water is leaking?

In 99% of the cases leakage is caused by a very small crack or a pin hole in the water bottle that can cause air to get inside and allow water to keep flowing in to the dispenser's reservoir and overflow the unit. In order to determine where the leak is coming from, please follow these steps:

• Turn your unit Off, both switches hot and cold.
• Unplug the unit.
• Remove the water bottle from the unit.
• Locate a white transparent plastic piece with a prong inside the cold tank. This looks like a plastic disc with a tube out one end. Fix it firmly to the bottom of the cold tank by attaching the end of the plastic piece to the metal prong at the bottom of the tank.
• Fill the water reservoir with water unit it reaches 1 each below the edge (water will first fill the hot tank, you may need 2-3 Liters of water)
• Wait 30 minutes and observe if there is leakage.

If the unit is not leaking, the problem is within the water bottle. Otherwise, locate where the leaking is coming from inside the unit and contact customer service.

Water is leaking trough the levers/faucets?

You may need to replace the lever/faucet. Contact customer service

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